Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dusting off this blogger account.

I'm dusting off this blogger account and considering posting some things. Some of the things I want to post should really go in a content management system or wiki, so they can be edited over time and always contain the most up to date and concise information..

I've developed a strong distaste for forums, forum threads, and the people who abuse them to the exclusion of all other types of on-line collaboration. The signal to noise ratio is very low, with all of the me-too posts and the wannabes who don't post original content but further pollute the thread by answering people's questions with "you should read the whole 237 page thread here before asking any questions." If half of that effort was put into maintaining an FAQ, or updating a wiki, we wouldn't have to fight about now, would we?

Ok, so this is turning into a blog style post. One of the reasons I'm considering posting some things to this or another blog is to get some things posted that I admit I'd probably never get around to organizing in a nice wiki someplace.

Is it still a wiki if only one person has edit privileges?

Of course, I think the ideal would be communities of mostly trusted people to be able to collaborate on the content. I've been meaning to try to start one for probably ten years now.

I'm going to post this now, especially because I want to test the ability to come back and edit later.  Ok, I've edited this.  I should see what that does to the RSS.

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