Saturday, November 28, 2015

Acurite 592TXR Temperature and Humidity Sensors now decoded by rtl_433.

I've added decoding of Acurite's 592TXR "Tower" temperature and humidity sensors to rtl_433. These are small, inexpensive, wirelesss (433 Mhz), temperature and humidity sensors. The 592TXR has several different model numbers including 06002RM

These are compatible with Acurite's consoles such as the 01512 that I have as well as Acurite's Acu-Link Internet bridge which posts to acu-link's web page as well as weatherunderground. I picked up the Acurite 5-n-1 Weather Station, a console, and the internet bridge because the support for the 5-n-1 had been added to rtl_433 and the package price was pretty reasonable.

There were a number of people interested in decoding the 592TXR, but for some reason, it never got added, so I finally added it and cleaned up the Acurite 5-n-1 weather station decoding. The pull request got merged November 8th, 2015.

I think the temperature only version, the 592TX, should also be supported but I don't have one to test. Please let me know if it decodes successfully or not.

The protocol used by the Acurite 592TXR and the 5-n-1 weather station are very similar. The weather station's messages are one byte longer, but they are basically the same with the same RF signaling characteristics.


Michael Binder said...

I want to read and log the data from my 5 in 1 and some added 06002RM sensors...
Can I do that with a RTL-SDR?
Could you provide the data format for the AcuRite devices?


rct said...

Yes, you can use rtl_433 with an RTL-SDR stick to decode the messages from the Acurite devices listed above and a bunch of other weather related devices.

This was being discussed very recently in a thread over at WX Forum

That thread is on the new 06045M lightning sensor which I'm trying to work out the decoding for, a little blind, since I don't have the matching console. However a bunch of rtl_433 discussion in that thread.