Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Best Chinese Dual-band HT? (Good amateur radio blogs)

Here is a good run down of which Chinese HTs are the top performers in a number of categories from Hans, PD0AC's Ham Gear Blog. The Wouxun which I've been very happy with since 2011 rates pretty well. I still need to pick up a Baofeng one of these days for comparison.
Hans' Ham Gear Blog is a great source of reviews and tests of radios, mostly the new crop of inexpensive gear from China. Anyone who is interested in new radio gear should follow his blog. While there seems to be a new model coming out everyday many are just repacking of the same components.  Hans identifies many of the common cores for each radio. Even though this post will be quickly dated in some ways, the cores of these radios, especially the system/radio-on-a-chip that enables the low prices don't change that often.

Good Amateur Radio Blogs to Follow

There are a number of really good amateur radio blogs to follow.  Some of my favorites in no particular order are:
 Dan Romanchik, KB6NU, has a post of what he considers 10 Great Ham Radio Blogs.  My opinions overlap with his a bit, though I haven't yet gotten into QRP.

I post some of these things here because I usually I can find things most quickly via google.  Then when it takes my a whole bunch of tries to find what I was looking for again, I think I should be posting this stuff for others as well as myself.

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